Welcome to the Town of Townsend, MA Online Assessment Database.

The information in this database is provided by the Townsend Assessing Office and is updated periodically, usually at the end of the calendar year, when the Assessor's department has completed all updates for the year.

Therefore, the information may not reflect the most recent real estate activity. Property record information is kept at the Townsend Assessors office, located at 272 Main Street, Townsend, MA.

Although every effort is made by the Assessor's office to provide accurate and timely property records, the information presented here may contain errors and/or omissions.

By using this system, you acknowledge that you understand and accept the above terms and conditions, and further acknowledge that the information provided herein is solely for the convenience of the user and does not necessarily reflect the official public record for the town. Property owners are encouraged to check the accuracy of their property information and records.

Please report any errors in property records to the Townsend Assessor's office at 978-597-1706 or you may use the "leave feedback" link, which is included at the top of every search and property record page.

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